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Geraldine Doogue
The Media Geraldine Doogue addresses women at one of three gatherings celebrating the centenary of the Brigidine girls’ school, Kilbreda, Mentone, in Melbourne.
2005-10-19  GESHER 2003-2004 > 112

Mark Burton
Stating the Obvious
The CCJ has long regarded reasoned engagement between Jews and Christians as the way ahead: not ’mere education’, with descriptions of one made by the other, but rather a respectful, gracious meeting of people, not merely ideas and conclusions.
2005-10-01  GESHER 2003-2004 > 113

Rachel Kohn
The Media  Rachael Kohn answers prepared questions
2005-09-13  GESHER 2003-2004 > 107

Pathways to Ordination
Theology  Deepened understandings of rabbinical and ministerial training emerged during a dialogue at Trinity College, Melbourne.
2005-07-02  GESHER 2003-2004 > 103

Philip Harvey
The Book and the books: riches in theological libraries
2005-06-07  GESHER 2003-2004 > 99

Teaching Stillness and Silence
2005-05-06  GESHER 2003-2004 > 95

Jerusalem Sojourn
History  Sister Helen Frawley sees her four-month stay in Jerusalem this year as the highlight of her term as Provincial of the Sisters of Sion for Australia and The Philippines
2005-03-06  GESHER 2003-2004 > 87

Sion Sisters Meet the Challenge
History  The Sisters of Our Lady of Sion have a history of 140 years. Their congregation was founded by brothers, Theodore and Alphonse Ratisbonne, who were born in Strasbourg of a well-assimilated German-Jewish family, converted separately to Roman Catholicism and they were both ordained priests.
2005-03-06  GESHER 2003-2004 > 86

Julie Contole
What Is Happening In Schools?
2005-02-10  GESHER 2003-2004 > 84

Michael Cohen
The Challenge Remains as Great as Ever
From Gesher Vol. 3 No. 1, October, 2004: The Outgoing and the Incoming Chairman of the CCJ Victoria
2005-01-18  GESHER 2003-2004 > 81

'Our Future Together' — Abraham Conference at ACU
2004-12-04  GESHER 2003-2004 > 74

Michael S. Cohen
We do not live in the past but the past lives in us
2004-11-11  GESHER 2003-2004 > 75

Judith Lieu
The Synagogue and the Separation of the Christians
An abbreviated version of a paper given at the Jewish Museum, Melbourne
2004-10-03  GESHER 2003-2004 > 71

Rabbi Fred Morgan
Establishing a relationship with the “Other”:  The greatest challenge of our time
Introducing Gesher
2004-10-03  GESHER 2003-2004 > 70

Gad Ben-Meir
Fearless Insularity
Gesher Editorial 2003
2004-10-03  GESHER 2003-2004 > 69

Yaron, Kalman
Verbannung und Erlösung
Während der Zionismus seine Aufmerksamkeit dem territorialen und nationalen Aspekt des jüdischen Volkes widmet, richtet das Tora-Judentum seinen Blick auf die göttliche Offenbarung am Berg Sinai. Der Widerspruch zwischen jenen, die Normalität suchen, und den anderen, die die jüdische Besonderheit betonen, ist so alt wie das Judentum selbst.
  GESHER 2003-2004 > 271

Gad Ben-Meir
More to Remember
Gesher editorial
  GESHER 2003-2004 > 12