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Walking together towards Understanding and Mutual Respect

The Council of Christians and Jews is a group of Christians and Jews who are drawn together because of their common heritage, a desire for understanding and dialogue and to explore their turbulent history of relating to each other.
The Council is not a religion, it has no theology and its members do not seek to make converts to Judaism or Christianity.

The Council is essential because:

  • we live in a multicultural society today;
  • prejudice against those who are different becomes a most dangerous disease;
  • antisemitism is by no means a thing of the past and is often related to other evils which confront and confuse people;
  • we cannot put the world to rights, but we can tackle the problems that directly confront us;
  • we believe that the insights of Judaism and Christianity can be a powerful force in dealing with contemporary problems.
In a genuine dialogue each of the partners, even when he stands in opposition to the other, heeds, affirms and confirms his opponent as an existing other. Martin Buber

These are the basic reasons why we have a Council of Christians and Jews:

Our aim is to counter
  • Antisemitism
  • Racism
  • Prejudice
  • Xenophobia
By encouraging
  • Dialogue
  • Education
  • Research
  • Communication

Our Symbol

is the gift of Louis Kahan to the Council of Christians and Jews. The shell is a symbol of eternity and of pilgrimage and contained are a number of things which are common to both faiths and traditions. The motifs of the tree of life, burning bush, and flames of spirit stand at the centre of the design. Behind the tree can be seen the cup of blessing, and surrounding the whole is the rainbow, the symbol of universal peace and a reminder to God and us of the covenant promise.

The Council of Christians and Jews (Victoria) Inc.
Shalom, 179 Cotham Road
Kew, Victoria, 3101
Telephone and Fax: (03) 9817 3848