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The Council of Christians and Jews (SA) Inc

Our Vision
Our Mission
Our Objectives
Past Activities
Patrons and Officers
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Our Vision
To assist people of Jewish and Christian heritage to:
  • understand and affirm each other's faith traditions
  • articulate what we have in common
  • celebrate the richness of diversity in our respective traditions
  • promote our aims for the benefit of the wider community.
Our Mission
  • Strengthen understanding, friendship, and inter-faith dialogue between the Jewish and Christian communities.
  • Explore and articulate the faith understandings, central to religious understanding, worship and practice.
  • Educate ourselves and the community to address the ignorance and stereotypical caricaturing of each other's faith tradition.
  • Identify common aspects of our faith traditions which are the source of spiritual strength and have relevance for contemporary social issues.
  • Articulate those elements of our traditions that have been or could be a source of tension and difficulty, and provide the foundation for creative theological difference.
  • Celebrate the spiritual truths we hold in common and, whenever appropriate, religious festivals and significant days of remembrance.
Our Objectives

To achieve our mission we will:

  • Meet regularly
  • Identify key theological and social concerns of mutual interest
  • Articulate the steps for helpful, open and mutual dialogue
  • Keep in contact and share initiatives with the other Jewish-Christian Councils around Australia.
  • Encourage representation with the National CCJ and at the annual conference
  • Offer new initiatives for education and community projects
  • Create initiatives that enable the Jewish and Christian heritage to engage with contemporary social issues.
Past Activities 2006

The Council of Christians and Jews (SA) sponsors a series of public meetings on topics of interest to the Jewish and Christian communities.

In 2006 the following meetings took place:

Dabru Emet: a Jewish statement on Christians and Christianity and the 2001 Pontifical Biblical Commission: "The Jewish People and their Sacred Scriptures and the Christian Bible." Speakers: Dr Evan Zuesse and Fr Michael Trainor.

Israel: Memory, Presence and Dream. Speakers: Ms Geraldine Hawkes and Ms Kathy McEvoy

Fundamentalisms. Speakers: Dr L. Lee Levett-Olsen and Mr Ron Hoenig

The Archaeology of the Temple Mount. Speaker: Biblical archaeologist Dr Leen Ritmeeyer.

Transcending the Story - informing and reflecting our diversity: breaking a good story is a journalist's dream, but is the story all we need from today's media? Speaker: Mr Stephen Watkins of the ABC program "For The God Who Sings".

Prior to 2006

We have previously supported and sponsored visits of Jewish and Christian scholars to Adelaide together with other organizations, and other community events relating to better Jewish-Christian understanding.

For example, in 2004 we co-sponsored together with both Jewish congregations and Jewish Community Services (Adelaide's Jewish welfare organization) six lectures on the History of the Jews by SA CCJ co-chair Dr. Evan Zuesse.

We also co-sponsored with B'nai B'rith a major public address by Rabbi Cyril Harris, Chief Rabbi of South Africa, on Global Ethics.

In 2003 we co-sponsored with SAWIZO, the South Australian Women's Zionist Organization, a play and panel discussion of Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice, dealing with antisemitism in that play.

In addition, every year the Council of Christians and Jews (SA) co-ordinates commemoration of the Holocaust by Jewish and Christian congregations.

Council executive includes representatives from the Jewish Orthodox and Progressive congregations, and the Anglican, Assemblies of God, Baptist, Catholic, Lutheran and Uniting Church communities of South Australia.

The South Australian Council of Christians and Jews is chaired by both a Jewish and a Christian representative. Co-chairs alternate leading council meetings.


The Rev. Dr. Don Hopgood (Christian community). Lynette Ninio (Jewish Community)
CO-CHAIRS: The Rev David Houston (Christian) and Ron Hoenig (Jewish)
HON. TREASURER: Merrilyn Ades

Dr. Vicky Balabanski
Enid Boothby
Geraldine Hawkes
Ron Hoenig
Rev.David Houston
Sr. Mary Matthew
Rev. Margaret Polkinghorne
Trevor Schaefer
Dr. Stephen Spence
Fr. Dr. Michael Trainor
Cydney Wadewitz
Graham Wadewitz
Lenis Wells
Dr. Mark Worthing